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-Many of us are preparing short lecture segments for EdX (Labs). ​ But there are other uses of these segments, such as for in-class students and as a general resource for the public. ​ It is of course possible to create your own YouTube channel and website to post this material. ​ However, you might get greater visibility by also featuring the lectures on the UCBerkeley youtube channel. ​ Educational Technology Services regularly webcasts Berkeley courses, but is focused on full lectures in ETS classrooms. ​ However, they are quite receptive to online EdX segments as well.  Once you've prepared lectures (with transcripts in my case), you simply speak with Richard Bloom, who is the course cast administrator at ETS ( ​ You will likely need to ask a student to work with him to upload the lectures (this only took us a couple of hours). ​ And then you get your EdX lectures up on the UCBerkeley official YouTube channel. ​ My own CS 184 lecture segments are at 
-https://​​playlist?​list=PL-XXv-cvA_iBifi0GQVF1R9M_QBWw3xgG ​ 
-I (Ravi Ramamoorthi) have also had them up on my own YouTube channel I created for them a few weeks back: https://​​user/​raviramamoorthi 
-And I made a website to better navigate and embed the lectures: http://​​~cs184/​fa12/​onlinelectures.html