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 +====== Options for Creating Standalone Online Courses ======
 +There are various ways an online course can be offered, with varying requirements for how the course is developed and administered.
 +  - Through edX is Berkeley'​s nonprofit partner for delivering both free and for-pay online courses to the widest possible audience. ​ Anyone around the world may enroll. ​ Courses may include both free content (no tuition to the learner) and paid content (additional materials and/or opportunities to interact with Berkeley instructional staff whose costs must be covered). ​ edX and Berkeley work together to set market-competitive prices for the paid tier.
 +  - By default, edX courses do not result in Berkeley or other transferable academic credit. ​ However, depending on the course topic, short sequences of courses may lead to a "​Professional Certificate"​ for the learner (which generates some extra revenue for the course). ​ Finally, edX has rolled out a new program called "​MicroMasters"​ in which a sequence of upper-division-or-higher level online courses can potentially result in shortening time-to-degree if the student is admitted to a Masters-level degree program after completing the courses.
 +You can also deliver online courses through Berkeley Extension or Summer Sessions, although those offerings do not in general reach the audience that edX reaches. ​ If you are interested in Extension or Summer offerings only, please [[mailto:​| contact Berkeley Extension directly]].
 +The rest of this article summarizes the macroscopic level steps in adapting an existing campus course into the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) format or SPOC (Small Private Online Course, uses the same technology stack but initially customized for a smaller cohort, often as a dry-run before launching the MOOC) using the edX platform and edX/​Berkeley relationship.
 ====== Getting Started: Creating a MOOC or SPOC (Small Private Online Course) ====== ====== Getting Started: Creating a MOOC or SPOC (Small Private Online Course) ======
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